Looking at the end of 2019, looking back on the gifts you

received in this year, is there anything that makes you particularly upset

and upset? If it's a blind man's ticket, will it make the

new year worse? If the man's ticket wants to give you a

new year gift at this time, remember to remind him to look

at this black list first, if the taste is bad, you can

cultivate emotional quotient of men's tickets, and if you can't walk away,

you will see the emotional quotient of men's tickets. Nobody expects gifts

unsatisfactorily. The moment we hope to open them is happy. However, the

reality is not as good as we imagine. For example, the following

three categories are the most unwanted gifts we want to receive. In

order to avoid the embarrassing situation that we do not have to

work hard to please, we try our best to shield these black

lists from Hould Be, and then learn what gifts are the easiest

to please people by the way. Gifts for Girls Ticket Black List

1: Practical overuse is LOW, even if necessary in daily life, can

be used at any time, and do not easily fool your tickets,

such as towels, notebooks and so on. Although you can symbolically show

you a couple of my money, but the tickets will feel that

you are too real, no taste is counted, so do not care

about your tickets as a three-year-old child, to For a few notebooks

with cartoon covers, you can buy them. Even notebooks have to be

sincere and innovative. For example, the following recommendation: LUMIO portable desk lamp

352 USD, if the general notebook can not attract you, then this

book with its own light may make you look bright. For folding

design, it turns on a natural soft white light and can be

half-opened. Placed on the table or 360 degrees open, charged with micro-USB

for 8 hours, plus magnet bookcase for Fastening to recommend different items:

DIPTYQUE-UNE NUIT CHEZ DIPTYQUE Limited Edition Mini Christmas candle Three-piece Suit 139

USD when the candle scent is put on gorgeous Town Clothes, it

no longer has only one lighting function, but also has the CT

Fun Funds to beautify the environment. The DIPTYQUE mini-candle-wrapped Suits look beautiful.

Boxing's Designs are inspired by Japanese traditional performance Paper Zhiju. Suits with

pen-painted Pollock theatre patterns include Classic Navy's star fragrance candles, Red's delicious

warm fragrance candles and Green's festive fir fragrance candles, symbolizing three happy

Kids stories.